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Neurotech Research: Investigating the Mechanics of Consciousness in Human Evolution with a “Unified Field Theory of Life”... Creating a Reality to live Beyond 200 years, Feeling Forever Young using our Consciousness & personal Energy to Evolve life.

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Back Cover Summary: Key Points of an Exit Strategy to Break Free of the Matrix into a Decentralized World.

Book four in the series, Creating Genius in a future Society... Picture a society in which there is no conflict, no jealousy, and no competition to be the person at the top, and no unkind words or actions. That describes the society of the future in which people all express the intent to think, say and do what is right—what is constructive and productive… Analogically. Here are… answers to the basic problems of life… showing the difference between our ability to manifest what we want at a higher frequency of consciousness [like moving from DC current to AC current] and “what our personality does” [running its MS-Dos programs] on auto pilot 24 hours a day?  

Note: This unique Existential philosophy is an exploration into “a world of unknown philosophies, ideas & hidden realities” to our mundane life in Society, showing the “Mechanics of Consciousness”. Ancient philosophies show how “unknown levels of human potential are connecting people to the Spirit-within”. As consumers, we unconsciously live under “A Corporate Spell of Global Religions & Politics” in “Society’s Illusions of a Materialistic world” with a corrupt Monetary System.

This is now being challenged with a “Consciousness based World view”, awake to life’s challenges creating a new reality without “fiat money”. We are experiencing a major shift away from Corporate Power, seeing a more complete view of life, a Truth beyond the vail of a “Consumer Society’s inherent ignorance of Money”… to a Decentralized Society where you are the Banker. This research is our exit strategy to truly break free of the Matrix, from the bonds of a “Society’s Corporate Mind” {The Military Industrial Complex} that loves Money, hates women, waste’s Genius & feeds on human life force energy–Your Evolution depends on it.

In truth, this is not a Science Book, a Religious book, or a “New Age Bullshit Story for Money” based on the Consumers accepted conspiracy theories “leading them away from truth & to Money”. This is a love story, changing masters, studying life beyond Money & Ignorance, to the Spirit-within, finding love & happiness along the way. An applications manual, using very specific keys to open your heart & awaken your mind to unlimited potentials of love in the real world consciously creating a new reality with an Analogical Mind in a balance of Reason & faith. This is my thesis based on 25 years studying the mind in the Mechanics of an “Exponential Growth in Consciousness” using new theories of quantum physics, confirming teachings on how “Consciousness & Energy create Reality”. This is Applied Research from “Science & Philosophy in Metaphysical Origins”.

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Robert Donald Tonelli, Author Science of Spirit

Robert Donald Tonelli… Author of Science of Spirit… is Owner / Researcher / Consultant for Neurotech Research: Science of Bioelectrical Wellness and has been in business researching health…nutrition and spiritual matters since 1992. Neurotech has produced 10 research reports on health & wellness of Body, Mind, & Spirit... From this research and experience, he has published this book, Science of Spirit, Analogical Mind & the Evolution of Consciousness. A new mindset connecting human beings to the global evolution of consciousness that is responsible for the accelleration of life on this planet. He evolved Neurotech Research from an ongoing investigation of over the past 25 years… from studies of longevity… neuroscience… and alchemy. Rob has devoted most of his life to his research; from Science to Spirit from Reason to Faith... finding Truth along the way…  

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